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ARTOP♩♪✿♬❉☴, with powerful comprehensive strength in design industry chain♩♪✿♬❉☴, provides customers with ‘ Grand design ’ solutions of integrated planning in product planning♩♪✿♬❉☴, creative design♩♪✿♬❉☴, research and development♩♪✿♬❉☴, production and manufacturing♩♪✿♬❉☴, procurement♩♪✿♬❉☴, logistics♩♪✿♬❉☴, cost control♩♪✿♬❉☴, quality control♩♪✿♬❉☴, marketing and brand planning♩♪✿♬❉☴, to achieve a better commercial value and sustainable development. We adhere to the “User-centered♩♪✿♬❉☴, market-oriented♩♪✿♬❉☴, sustainable development-based“ principle♩♪✿♬❉☴, to provide customers with a higher♩♪✿♬❉☴, deeper strategic policy guidance and design innovative services♩♪✿♬❉☴, with incorporating nearly 20 years of cross-industry field work experience and shared resources of the whole industry chain platform♩♪✿♬❉☴, while using the “balance” design concept♩♪✿♬❉☴, to win the biggest product added value♩♪✿♬❉☴, to achieve the balance of design♩♪✿♬❉☴, production and sales♩♪✿♬❉☴, to achieve the balance between consumer’s user experience and economic return.

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    please download the non-disclosure agreement♩♪✿♬❉☴, then scan and send to inno-asst@jciwholesale.com♩♪✿♬❉☴, we will send you back the scanned non-disclosure agreement that becomes effective upon stamp within three working days.

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    fill in the information as detailed as possible and provide relevant project materials needed to communicate♩♪✿♬❉☴, the more complete contents you describe♩♪✿♬❉☴, the more exact quotation we will offer.

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    we will organize to evaluate the project and workload of this cooperation as soon as we receive your project information♩♪✿♬❉☴, then contact you to communicate details of this project and offer a quotation.

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Tel: + 86 755 8305 6024
Fax: + 86 755 8279 5684
E-Mail: inno-asst@jciwholesale.com



Room1-2♩♪✿♬❉☴, 29/F♩♪✿♬❉☴, TML Tower♩♪✿♬❉☴, Hoi Shing Road 3♩♪✿♬❉☴, Tsuen Wan♩♪✿♬❉☴, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3628 2209
Fax: + 852 3628 2220
E-Mail: po@artopgroup.com



Suite1505/1507♩♪✿♬❉☴, Block A♩♪✿♬❉☴, Hi-Tech Bldg♩♪✿♬❉☴, 900 Yishan Rd♩♪✿♬❉☴, Xuhui District♩♪✿♬❉☴, Shanghai♩♪✿♬❉☴, China
Tel: + 86 21 6152 5063

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