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YB体育APPThis pet tracker has four main functions: satellite positioning♩♪✿♬❉☴, cloud data♩♪✿♬❉☴, health monitoring♩♪✿♬❉☴, online vet♩♪✿♬❉☴, which enables the owner to get the info. Like pet’s location♩♪✿♬❉☴, movement track♩♪✿♬❉☴, health condition anytime anywhere♩♪✿♬❉☴, ask the vet for help online if necessary♩♪✿♬❉☴, it’s the best assistant for pet owners.


Silicone collar


Hidden master chip


Intelligent pet company

In China♩♪✿♬❉☴, the number of registered pets has reached 0.1 billion♩♪✿♬❉☴, most of the lost pets can’t be found♩♪✿♬❉☴, which strikes the owner emotionally and economically. Thus♩♪✿♬❉☴, Lianluo.com hoped to develop a high-end♩♪✿♬❉☴, simple-style♩♪✿♬❉☴, quality pet tracker with multi-function♩♪✿♬❉☴, which can also become a natural decoration on the pets.

Artop made the prototype with the most excellent proposal♩♪✿♬❉☴, and did the sample testing with the help of several pets♩♪✿♬❉☴, to discover and figure out the problem of comfort against tightness. Artop also improved the buckle design♩♪✿♬❉☴, and creatively adopted low-sensibility silicone with injected high-toughness nylon as the collar material♩♪✿♬❉☴, which turned out an unexpectedly good result.

YB体育APPArtop design center has designed a metal buckle to fasten the cover and the color♩♪✿♬❉☴, between which♩♪✿♬❉☴, there’s a positioning chip inside♩♪✿♬❉☴, to guarantee an integration feel and protect the positioning chip effectively. You can find out the delicate care for the pet from details like metal buckle with disk texture♩♪✿♬❉☴, semitransparent indicator etc.

YB体育APPArtop has selected low-sensibility silicone with injected high-toughness nylon as the pulling rope material♩♪✿♬❉☴, which will guarantee the comfort and protect pets from being harmed; the tracker chip has been controlled to be 28g because of improvement on structure and material♩♪✿♬❉☴, it’s dust-proof and water-proof reaching IP65 level♩♪✿♬❉☴, no matter how the pet play♩♪✿♬❉☴, this pet tracker will be by its side.


Won 2015 Red Star Design Award


Exhibited in 2016 International CES Asia

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