Industrial Rugged Tablet

This industrial rugged tablet has passed international three-proof test♩♪✿♬❉☴, which is water proof♩♪✿♬❉☴, shock proof and dust proof. These are the features: Android operating system♩♪✿♬❉☴, 4G supporting♩♪✿♬❉☴, 7 inch HD screen♩♪✿♬❉☴, front & rear HD cameras♩♪✿♬❉☴, large capacity battery. It has wild looking and super protection function♩♪✿♬❉☴, it can be customized as per clients’ requirements.


Super strong three-proof protection design


Reliable performance control


Flexible customized space

After receiving the demands from Fire Dept. and police groups from South America♩♪✿♬❉☴, Aoro hoped to jointly develop a high-end three-proof tablet with Artop facing industries like police♩♪✿♬❉☴, firefighting♩♪✿♬❉☴, coastguard♩♪✿♬❉☴, electricity♩♪✿♬❉☴, water♩♪✿♬❉☴, fishery♩♪✿♬❉☴, railway♩♪✿♬❉☴, logistics etc. or outdoor groups♩♪✿♬❉☴, users can log in exclusive APN network♩♪✿♬❉☴, underlying software and interactive interface design must also be supported by original manufacturer.

Artop was the first corporation that built up the ‘Lab for Three-proof Products’ in design industry♩♪✿♬❉☴, it’s equipped with tens of testing equipments♩♪✿♬❉☴, there’re several core technologies and leading research achievements. To meet customers’ needs♩♪✿♬❉☴, Artop stood on a higher starting point and finished designing this tablet with resources and platform advantage♩♪✿♬❉☴, combining R&D advantage of Tech. Dept. .

This tablet has not only displayed the design philosophy of reliability visually♩♪✿♬❉☴, but also applies protection methods in different parts: hollowed-out corners for drop-proof strengthening♩♪✿♬❉☴, hardware cover for protection strengthening♩♪✿♬❉☴, accurate assembly gaps for water-proof and dust-proof processing♩♪✿♬❉☴, making it pass the IP67 international protection level certificate.

YB体育APPArtop CMF Lab tried double-color injection into one complete mold♩♪✿♬❉☴, adding charms to the product with excellent material and technology. Artop Innovation has repeatedly tested various types of GPS antenna and analyzed the data♩♪✿♬❉☴, to choose the A-GPS antenna with best signal♩♪✿♬❉☴, optimizing the starting time and search results♩♪✿♬❉☴, parts of the data are beyond customers’ expectation.


First 3000 tablets had been delivered to the South American customers in November 2013.

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